Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tales From an Empty Womb

A short rant today.

I don't know how to handle my mother in-law. She has no grandchildren and speaks of this frequently.

She's not pushy or mean. Just utterly passive about how I am slowly destroying her well-being by my not producing babies. Lots and lots of babies.

My husband and I want to have children within the next two years, but if I leak this "time line" to his mother, I fear she will drive me considerably more crazy than she does right now.

She recently adopted a puppy to "fill the void" and is indirectly blaming me for her altered retirement plans: somehow she can no longer travel as she has a dog to take care for.



  1. Sounds like MY mother-in-law but minus the puppy.

    Hubby and I got married (legally on paper) 2 years ago but we delayed the wedding ceremony until early this month. So it was a good opportunity to keep my MIL quiet because traditional Asians only recognize wedding ceremony as a legitimate form of matrimony, unlike urban Asians who believe the legal method of signing papers will do just fine (weird huh?).

    Anyway, whenever my MIL starts her baby talk, I'll push the answering to hubby. It's easier for her to except his explanation than mine (even though we say the exact same things)

    Because both of us are currently working, he has good excuse that he needs to be more financially secured before I can resign from my job and be full time mother (which is also my MIL's insistence that we MUST take care of our own child - no hiring nannies, maids or what-so-ever).
    It may be a lame excuse, but at least even if your hubby have to leak the time line to his mother, make sure she knows it's HIS idea or everything may just backfire.

    Good luck!

  2. keep on praying,.. there's no impossible with God.

  3. My case was too similar to yours. But, unlike you I had to give into her tantrums and comments right after four months of my marriage.
    I am expecting now, and now she hopes to have grandson and not grand daughter. At times her ridiculous notions frustrates me a lot.
    In India, still people think of a son as a blessing and not the girl.