Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Perfectly Happy Mum


My name is Peggy and I started my mummy’s blog when my 2nd son Victor was born in July. I am also a life coach for mum and this blog aims at giving inspiration and tips to other mums. I use humour to make it easy to read and I am hoping to gather all sorts of readers not only mums, although they are my priority,

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  1. My two boys are teenagers now so it is fun to relive their toddler years through your writings :)

  2. I'm a mum too. Looking forward to sharing your blog :)

  3. Dear Peggy,

    I love your last post about My Life in Notebooks. They are storybooks of our lives capturing precious moments. I think it's much more better than relying on the clustered brain. Besides, these books might be a nice legacy to pass on to our children :)

    Happy Birthday to Elliot!