Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Husband has a business trip requiring at least one overnight stay each week from today until December.
Grateful for the boat load of airline miles and hotel points he'll be earning, but seriously Husband's Employer?!  One trip a week (lasting from one night to one week) each week for 19 weeks!*  I. Hate. You.

Anyone feel like taking an extended trip to Charlotte?  I have extra bedrooms, large backyard and plenty of board games.  Pets welcome.

Obviously, The Husband hates this, too.  And part of me feels like I should just shut the hell up.  The Husband is employed, can make our house payments without trouble and we have inexpensive health insurance.  These work trips are good for his career and will reflect well within the company.

Still sucks, though.
* Ok, so a few of these trips I will be in tow and they include some awesome excursions for my birthday in November.  However, I feel the situation entitles me to a bit of exaggeration.