Thursday, February 19, 2009

Polly Donnellan "Blogwoman"


This blog is about  'a mish mash of stuff '  my life, what I'm doing, things I want to write about that I find interesting and that I hope other people may too. The rugby, my garden, my art maybe.


Contemporary, abstract artist Polly Donnellan works from her studio at home.  At present she is working with print, photography, paint and embroidery and has had a number of successful exhibitions over the past few years. She also works one day a week facilitating special needs adults to do screen printing and crafts in a local community care centre.  She lives with her partner and has a 21 year old son who lives away from home.


  1. Dear Polly,

    I love your post on Marmalade and Mums. My Mom is also a life savior. I saw the Gallery at your wordpress blog. It's very impressive :)

  2. This is a very busy and active blog - I feel a bit exhausted just reading along. I am so impressed by the energy and activity!