Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recovering Fatty


 In 2006, I had gastric bypass surgery. As a result of losing 135 lbs within 8 months, I went through emotional and psychological struggles.  I refer to these struggles as “Reality vs. Mentality”.  Reality – (on the outside) I’m thin and healthy.  Mentality – (on the inside) I’m still obese.  I give accounts to my weight loss journey and how I struggle to accept and embrace the “new me”.


 I’m 38 yrs old, have been mostly a staunch conservative Christian my entire life, and struggled with obesity until 2006.  At that time, I decided to undergo gastric bypass (aka wls, weight loss surgery, RNY) as I was facing three out of five cardiac risks.  My life was miserable.  I lived to eat, go to work, and pay bills.  I had no future or hope that I would ever have children, get married, even get a date because I hated my body and my self esteem was so poor. 


Since my gastric bypass, and dropping 135 lbs, my entire life has changed. I am happy now, and enjoying the life that I always wanted.  Obesity stole so much from me, and I have taken everything back! 


Originally from Illinois as a child, I moved to Tennessee when my family relocated over twenty years ago.  I live in Nashville, TN and work in the healthcare industry.

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  1. What an original subject for a blog! I haven't seen another one like it. You are a brave and strong woman to share this struggle.

  2. I hope your journey helps you to discover the way people perceive things. After my pregnancy years ago...I weighed 200 lbs...and though I lost the weight rapidly...I will never forget how I saw myself as this thin person on the inside and yet there I was recovering from preeclampsia. It made me look at how our body image is a powerful tool.

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  4. A very real and sicere blog. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. The beauty far outweighs any of the storms that we may encounter... What a great sentence! I love reading your posts. You are a brave and bright woman. Thanks for sharing :).

  6. A great boon for the persons wo wants to reduce weight