Saturday, February 14, 2009

Decor Addict


My name is Trina Brandon, and I am the author and editor of DecorAddict, an Interior Design/Decor blog (along with snippets of the handmade, fine art, and diy!).


After a 10 year career in the travel industry, and after the devastation 9/11 caused to the travel industry, I went back to school here in Toronto to Humber College for Interior Design. I graduated in the fall of 2004. I started this blog in the summer of 2008 to help satisfy my own need of discussing design in all aspects to whomever would listen! This has proved to have taken off, as my readership has grown at the rate of 300% per month! Living in the city of Toronto of course gives me so much content to choose from in my posts, however I of course don't limit these to my own city.

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  1. I love your blog so much that I subscribed immediately! I'll be by to comment when I can :)

  2. What a well crafted page...and the entries with photographs of perfection...Kindest regards from South Korea...Marilyn

  3. Love your blog it's so fresh vibrant, full of inspiration - just beautiful

  4. Dear Trina,

    your blog contains so many inspiring crafts and designs that it almost took my breath away. I'm really eager to try some of them and don't know where to start... The 'rainbow' at your bookshelf looks lovely. I imagine it on rainy days :).

    Best Wishes!

  5. I'm a decor addict, too! I'm following!