Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tranquility and Turmoil


Just a little glimps of my life and whatever I feel like adding to it. Lots of photos, silly stories about the kids or our travel adventures, ocassional rants, gluten free recipes, etc.


My husband is my joy and my best friend. We are foster parents who enjoy having the opportunity to share our love of life and family with each child that comes into our home. We love to travel and, between work and play, we spend a lot of time on the road. Our kids are constantly changing, as are their full range of appointments and activities. We often go months on end without being able to form a routine... You know, the usual stuff. We drink a lot of coffee! It works for us. We love our lives!


  1. Lovely blog - the link to the "love story" is great, all the pix are fabulous - you must live in a beau-ti-ful place!
    I'll visit your blog often.

  2. Your blog is like a party. All sorts of great conversations going on all over the place. It's a real treat to visit :)

  3. Nice blog...loved the entry about the 'golf course' though I wonder why the confusion...

  4. Wow! Stunning photos, interesting topics... Don't hesitate to go visit :)

  5. I linked to your post Bag Tagged! at Please, Bag Tag...!. It is a lot of fun. Thank you :)

  6. Let me know when you finish the story of T&T? What's next?