Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Lotus Sutra Chronicles


Marilyn Campiz

I created this blog to document my time abroad in South Korea, little would I know that I would arrive at a very critical time, with heightened tensions between North and South Korea.  I am not about to pack my bags and head back to the states.  My life is about adventure, explorations, and discovering the oddities within my surroundings.  The focus of this blog is simply to share about Korea...and hopefully to make you fall in love with this country, its culture and its incredible history.


Perceiver of the World's Sounds. That is in essence who I am. I am not just an observer of life. I live my life with direction, sometimes through intuition, and sometimes following an impulsive urge that causes me to go to different parts of the world that I have never set my feet on before. I never want to say that I wish. I never want to say I regret. I only want to say I did, and I lived. This is not about giving advice, simply sharing my experiences in South Korea. I have published three books (yes, they are available on, I view my writing as the art of literature, in every sense I am a freedom writer that goes against the grain of society. Author of The Erotic Writings of Unobtainable, Season of Want, and The Paris well as a contributing writer to Chic Today and other select publications and is simply a joy for me to write.


  1. Stunning pictures! I look forward to reading you.

  2. What a beautiful and interesting blog you have! I'll be back to enjoy you foreign exploits.

  3. What a fun blog - I've bookmarked it on networked blogs and look forward to reading more!

  4. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you do enjoy! I have seen most of the blogs in this directory and I am pleased with the company I am keeping. There are a lot of brilliant women in this community.

  5. Very interesting blog about Korea. Joyful and inspiring.

    Best Wishes :)!

  6. Thanks have a great blog yourself!