Friday, February 6, 2009

Pamposh Dhar


My thoughts on anything and everything: current affairs, curious happenings, language, travel, socialogical trends …


I am a complementary healer and writer; a former journalist and public communication specialist. Currenlty more interested in healing and spirituality, I practise Reiki and counselling from my office-at-home, and write blogs and a newsletter. I am fromIndia, but currently based in the Philippines.

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  1. Hey Pompash! My commenting competitor :) I enjoyed reading many of the posts in the blog. It's nice to see the world through someone else's eyes. Thanks for the insight!

  2. I don't mind the competition if it means you're checking out and commenting on my blogs too!! Ha ha, kidding. :)

    Actually, I feel I've gotten to know you a bit through your comments (in addition to your blog). Isn't this a great space?

    Glad you like the blog -- two of the things I've learnt about you through your comments: (i)you're very open to other people's ideas; and (ii) you're very open to (and welcoming of) other people. :) I think you add a wonderful energy to this site.

    With love,

  3. Pamposh, first thank you for following Willow Dreams, when we arrive at where I am today I think you will be surprised, hope you plan to stay around for the journey. I was reading The Cracked Pot today on your site. I think that is one lesson I can use daily.
    I will truly remember the Cracked Pot.

  4. Hi Tia. Thanks for visiting my (Terataii) blog. With this blog, in particular, I aim to touch people's lives for the better in some way. The story of the Cracked Pot has touched several lives already - I'm so very glad I put it on the blog!
    I do intend to continue to follow your blog too. Took me a little while to figure it out, but it is quite fascinating to the side of me that's interested in people's responses to life. I wish you all the very best in your journey through life!
    With love and light,

  5. Love your blog...and very happy to have stumbled upon it in this forum...


  6. Thank you Marilyn. Please visit often (or better still, become a follower). :)

  7. I believe I have you on FB...but I will mark you down on Blogspot...consider it done...Marilyn

  8. Dear Pamposh,

    thanks for being interested in my blog. I love the wisdom that lays behind your words. The post about "Possibilities..." was one of the most touching for me. It gives hope for a better world, since I believe that newborn babies and pure children could never have so much hate and greed like we are used to see today. I would love to see more affection like this spread around the world...

    Best Wishes :)!

  9. Thanks, Rosidah, for your kind words. Couldn't agree more with your comment about kids.
    I see from your bio that you are currently living in Indonesia. I lived there in the 90s and loved it! They have such a tradition of tolerance and friendship. I hope that tradition is holding up well against the recent (worldwide) rise in fundamentalism.
    Best wishes.