Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Paper Post Blogger


One woman's experiences of work-from-home paid opportunities to blog and love it or hate it.


Born and raised in northern California's San Francisco Bay Area, spent much of my adult professional life as a secretary 
in the semiconductor industry.  Eventually raising a young daughter alone, made the life changing decision to move to
Oregon in 2002.  A stay-at-home single mom, began blogging as a hobby, stress relief and hopefully eventual income.  
Trying to keep my blogs to a specific niche, I now have several blogs current; on depression, beauty school, 
and paid to blog opportunities.


  1. Very informative with lots of info on getting paid to blog!

  2. I was tortured by the posting of that fabulous tub...great information...and what a giving woman!

  3. Lots of interesting info, but I don't get the parts about the paid posts. I guess I need to go back farther in your posts to find the explanation. I sure do like the outcome though ;)