Saturday, February 7, 2009

Have we met?


This contains the personal musings of Jessica Eiden Smedley, a native of Portland, Oregon living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She wishes she was bright and witty. She likes Indian food, the History Channel and micro-brewed beer. She continues to attempt pathetic artistic endeavors. Sarah Vowell makes her laugh, Ann Coulter makes her angry. She is a vegetarian, but will gladly cook up a steak for you. She dreams of becoming famous enough to receive an invitation to play "Not My Job" on NPR's "Wait, Wait.....Don't Tell Me!" So far, Peter Sagal has ignored all of her correspondence.

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  1. Sorry you have such jerks living above you, Jessica. I'm curious to hear how the building management handles that nut case. Good luck :)

  2. Kind of hard to catch "Car Talk" in my part of the world...but you are a sharp one!

  3. Not sure about the mintcake. But, the Bovril has me curious!