Thursday, February 5, 2009

Iwa Kashdan-Lougher


Most of my work is either poetry or philosophical literature, I have called the section that deals with  philosophy 'autism' because I am on the autistic spectrum and this section is a tangible literary contribution made through the eyes of someone on the spectrum, in other words it is a blog about perspectives of the world we live in, mine having the label 'autism'.  The poetry is mostly about romance and sex, though I do not consider it to be vulgar but thought-provoking and somewhat at times confrontational.  I consider it to be a feminine liberalists view on sexual matters


My name is Lorraine Iwa Kashdan-Lougher, I have been running poetry, music and live literature events for about 7 years.  I started as a performance poet and then began running my own poetry slam events.  I now run an organisation called The Word, which puts on performance poetry events of all kinds within Canterbury, Kent in the UK.  This year we are planning to make our events more multi-media using visual installations, live art, sound manipulation tools, dance and other weird and wacky ideas the group have come up with.
I have never written a blog before but have taken a lot of inspiration from some of the excellent poets I've come into contact with this year.  Finishing college and having some personal time to sit down and read more poetry and listen to the excellent work of others along with all the enthusiasm and spirit of The Word volunteers has been incredibly refreshing for me.
I am so used to writing proposals, essays and other non-fictional works that it will be a relief this year to get some of the poetry and ideas I have kept in my own mind for so long on to the page.


  1. I've never been drawn much to poetry before, but by scanning you blog I can see myself getting drawn in. Nice job! I'm especially fond of your heart design ;)

  2. Thank you. The heart (on the web page) is crinkled and wrinkly though somewhat overtly sexual - like me!

  3. Spicy...ah you would love my books on Amazon..."The Erotic Writings of Unobtainable" and "The Paris Diaries"...not a pitch...

    Loved the imagery of catching a glimpse of an aging balding fatman...brilliant...