Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vibrant Jewels


Vibrant Jewels' blog relates to the art and jewelry I'm making and selling. I also sell beads and beading/craft supplies. I like to do ATCs, other multi-media collages and water/mixed media paintings. I have free tutorials on my website and will be adding more. I also will be featuring some of my writing from time to time. It is my way of sharing in the creative life and encouraging creatitivity in others. You are welcome to visit anytime!


My name is Karleen and I hail from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the US. I've always loved art, crafts and creating. I'm a mother of two and a grandmother of two, and a step mom to five - although only one stepson lives with me right now. I'm finding that blogging is a great way to interact with others and be stimulated by all of your awesome talents!

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  1. Beautiful designs and free patterns to boot! You are too kind :)

  2. I agree they are beautiful designs and it is lovely of Karleen to provide free patterns with clear instructions and photos and diagrams to illustrate the techniques and outcome!

  3. Ahh - the Blue Ridge Mountains! Love it! Do you Twitter also?

  4. Hi, it's great to see someone doing something similar yet different to what i am doing! I make handcrafted jewellery from clay (seramic) fused with glass. I also talk on my blog about how we do the firings and stories of how pieces have come about etc. check it out!
    Rebeka x