Thursday, February 5, 2009



I started this blog (website) aiming to help people new to freelancing or planning a change in their career to get to grips with the challenges ahead.

My articles focus on

  • Decision making,
  • Vision building and
  • How to use social media and other online tools to advance you
    freelancing or career.


All the content on these sites is produced by Anastasia, an executive coach and organizational development consultant from London.  For the last eight years she worked as a management consultant specialising in organisational development and change management for major blue chip companies before becoming self-employed in 2007.

Anastasia grew up in Moscow and has moved to UK three years ago. Prior to moving to UK she has worked and lived in Germany,  Austria, Switzerland and Finland.

Recently Anastasia finished her last full-time project to concentrate more on becoming and being a  mom.

Decpite this exciting change in her life she continues to work with private clients offering them coaching sessions and facilitating Action Learning sets. She also continues to study and hopes to graduate later this year with a Master’s degree in HR Management for a London Business School.

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  1. Some good stuff here. I'll have to come back and read your posts at leisure! Thanks for sharing all these thoughts.

  2. I work two jobs that are freelance in nature and even though I have been doing them for quite some time now, I have found a lot of valuable advice in your blog. Freelancing is not as easy as it looks - we are islands of a sort and your blog provides a port in the storm. Thanks for being there !

  3. Practical and very applicable advice you render for these challenging times. Great blog.

  4. I'm a freelancer, too. My concerns with it right now are more focused on finding the right markets. I feel if editors were more interested in availing themselves of opportunities to find good writers, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc - they would find some great fits for their needs. I'm not opposed to searching via WM - or subscribing to groups and blogs (I do it all) etc., but often those resources offer their info. a little too late. By the time I'm reading about it, many editors may have long since filled the need.

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