Sunday, March 15, 2009

Braveheart does the Maghreb


I’m a woaca who has traveled the world and indulged in adventure.  Last August the love of my youth came looking for me, found me in North Africa writing my first novel, met me in Paris for a week, and now we are married and living in Houston, Texas.  He has hidden my passport.  My blog is my life and whatever strikes my fancy that day.


I was in Scotland, I was in Paris, I was in India, then I was in Alabama, USA. I was in Alaska USA, I was in London, I was in Kashmir, then I was in Boston where I had a white fuzzy cat. then my daughter graduated from university a Fulbright scholar and decided to do her year of research in Morocco. I am now in Morocco writing, writing... And then a handsome man told me he loves me, and came to get me in Paris and brought me to Texas


  1. Is that really your life story or a novel, or better still, a film (exotic locales)? If it's not a novel yet, it should be. :)
    Great blog. I'll be back to read more of the stories here.

  2. You said it is a very small world. In some ways it is, but for people like me who can't travel much - especially outside the US - it is a big world. I love visiting it through your eyes and insight. :)

  3. pamposh Dhar
    It's really my life! I from your mouth... that it will be a successful novel and even a film - boy wouldn't that be something! I'm finishing the book I was working on last year now, but then the story of my present love life-dream come true has to be written.
    thank you for coming by and yes, do come again.

    Heart's Desire Jewelry
    Thank you and please come by anytime. I love to share my stories and share what I have seen.

  4. WOACA, welcome to the WBD where we don't care what a WOAC'sA is! :)