Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boo Boo Photos


My personal/photography blog. I'm a bit more of a talker. It was supposed to be a photography only blog for people to come and critique my photography. Unfortunately I only have friends and family coming to look at the blog so I don't get any raw feedback from people. I want constructive criticism since I've taught myself everything that I know about photography from reading books and going out and experimenting.


I'm a Chinese-American (meaning I'm half Chinese half Caucasian) member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in good ole' Utah. I spent my earlier life growing up early, dancing, and frolicking! A weird mix, I know, but entirely true.

About 4 years ago my knees began to ache so much that it hindered my ability to continue dancing. I had to quit. Entering college I had no idea what I was going to do in it's stead. Then my room mate introduced me to photography. I'm now an addict!! I love it and hope to become professional sometime in the near future. I love blogging even though I find that I don't have a ton of time for it. I also LOVE networking and meeting new people! Hence, I have joined this group!! It's nice to know that other people are out there, supporting you and hoping the best for you! I love to give constructive criticism. And I love to comment!! So get ready!!

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  1. Some great ideas for photo subjects. And your models emote well too!
    "Constructive criticism" - the devilish side doesn't look devlish enough! I think your model is too intrinsically nice!! :) I suppose she could be seducing one over to the Dark Side...
    But, overall, honestly, very unusual and interesting pix.

  2. You and your photos are gorgeous! You really have an eye for beauty :)

  3. Pamposh - Yay! I think the reason why the "devilish" side isn't as devilish is because my sister isn't actually a model. I just tell her what I'm going for and she tries to pull it off. She definitely is too nice! I definitely need to try and branch out as far as getting people to model for me.

    Ann Marie - I'm guessing that's your name from you blog. By the way I'm in LOVE with that first necklace that won first place in the Bead Star contest! Thanks for your comment! I really try hard to capture beauty! (oh and thanks for your compliment)