Sunday, March 1, 2009

18 Wheel Beauties


My blog is about big rigs. I love big rigs, so I started this blog as a motivation for myself to learn more about this wonderful creations that roam about our freeways.  My blog contains anything big rig: History of big rigs, traffic safety tips when sharing the road with big rigs, big rig photos, big rig stories, personal thoughts & more.


I was born and raised in Norway, but an online love affair brought me across the pond to California, where I have been happily married & situated since 1998.  I work in the IT field and spend my spare time writing fictional short stories and novels. I'm a tomboy, I love beer, baseball & big rigs and just recently I added another B to my list of passions: Blogging!


  1. What a great blog! So unique. I don't think there is another one out there about big rigs. I love it :)