Monday, February 2, 2009

Through My Eyes


Through My Eyes: Cultural Travels and Experiences Around the Globe
Inspiration to begin this blog began with a trip to the Philippines and Hong Kong and continues to be sustained by my desire to travel and experience the world – places both near and far.


I am a former military and airline pilot, turned marketer. I have a passion for travel, photography, food, wine, chocolate, writing, and reading. I am originally from New England, but now live in the San Francisco bay area of California with my husband.

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  1. Hi. I enjoyed reading your post on Hong Kong and Philippines.
    I've lived in Hong Kong and am currently based in Manila, but it's interesting to see what most strikes a visitor.

  2. Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!

  3. Hey, Jessica! It's your neighbor from across the bay in Oakland...see me waving? ;) Thanks for the restaurant reviews! We don't get out much to eat any more so these will come in handy when we do.

  4. Hi Jessica:
    Thanks for listing my blog on your "blogs I follow" list. I have just put yours on my follow list on networked blogs on Facebook. I like your restaurant reviews, and hope to get back to the Bay area to enjoy them soon.
    Have you discovered the "onthecheap"blog for the SF area?


  5. You have a great eye for photography!

  6. What an incredibly diverse perspective! A pilot! You go! I'm following your blog.