Monday, February 2, 2009

Health, Wealth and lifestyle


In this blog I Share tips on improving your health, creating wealth, and enjoying the lifestyle you deserve.


Hello ~ It's great to meet you here!! I live in eastern New Mexico with my husband of 32 years, 3 dogs, and too many cats :)

I worked as an accountant for almost 30 years. Counting other peoples' money. Taking care of other peoples' business. Through the power of the internet I discovered a new way to not only earn a living, but to create a lifestyle.

Today, I am happy to say, I no longer count other peoples' money. I count my own, and I love helping others to do the same! I spend time enjoying life. I am no longer limited by the walls of a cubicle; I live in the WORLD!

We all know that everyone could use two things better health, and more wealth. If you are lacking in either area, this blog is designed for you. Who do you know that is lacking in the area of health, wealth or lifestyle? Share this information with them.

To your success.

Your partner in prosperity,
Linda Wilhite

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  1. I think at this time in the world economic situation...people are running away from has kind of turned into a profanity...

    But I found your approach has the people approach..very humane.

    From Daegu South a miraculous life without money...


  2. Hi Linda,

    Your blog is very exciting, but I am having a hard time finding your writings among all of the ads and videos. I would like to read more of your own original writings and opinions.