Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pyjamas and Coffee


 I blog about local life, motherhood, and pop culture.


I am a blogger on Maryland's Eastern Shore; I'm a mom of four.

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  1. I love this blog... and you can't beat the title!

  2. I love your Tuck Me post. I can completely understand the desire to never wear a bra again. I wouldn't mind if everyone wore pyjamas and no underwear to work though, so maybe I'm not the best judge, lol.

  3. I second what tranquility said. The title alone is enough to suck me in, but then its fun to read as well :)

    FYI...I wanted to leave a comment on your blog itself, but I would have had to subscribe to Word Press. Honestly, I don't want to subscribe to one more site. Is there any way to allow other options for signing in the way you can on blogger?

  4. Dear Mary,

    I like your witty writing style. Humorous, outgoing and straight to the point. I also relate well to your Tuck Me post. After giving birth to my second child, my tummy will never be the same :)

  5. I loved your blog the moment I read coffee! Perhaps that's a little inside joke, but I'm a coffee person. DO you do Facebook?