Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anindita Sengupta


Anindita Sengupta is a poet, writer and journalist in Bangalore, India. This is her personal weblog where she writes about poetry, gender and travel among other things.


Anindita Sengupta works as a freelance writer and editorial consultant in Bangalore, India. She specializes in writing about art, culture, society and development. Her clients include Iconoculture, a global consumer research firm; and Fida, a Finnish development organisation. As a journalist, she writes about books, gender, documentary film, social and cultural issues, and travel. She has been published in The Guardian (UK), Tehelka, The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Mid-Day and Marie Claire. She is also founder and executive editor of Ultra Violet, a website on contemporary feminist issues in India. Her poetry has been published in Pratilipi, Quay Journal, Cha: An Asian Journal, Kritya, Muse India, Yellow Medicine Review, Talking Poetry and several anthologies. In 2008, she received the Toto Funds the Arts Award for Creative Writing.

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  1. Welcome onboard Anindita! Impressive profile :)

    Greetings from Singapore,

  2. Thank you Shirley! Look forward to discovering some new people here.

  3. Welcome aboard, you're incredibly talented!

    All best,


  4. Hey, good to have you here. I like your recent posts. The sand sculptures are wonderfully weird.