Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top commenter competition closed - new competition

Congratulations to Ann marie - your blog, Hearts Desire Jewellery will be featured for the next two weeks as the featured members blog, 

To all members, I will be announcing the start of the new competition for the featured blog spot on Tuesday , this is how it will work, 

Blog nominations - I would like any members who wish to take part in the featured blog spot competition, to nominate their favourite blog (one only) listed in this directory. (it would be appreciated if you added why its your favourite too)

I will make a new post on Tuesday 17th March and your nominations for "best blog" can be added in the comments section up until Thursday 19th March (I will post the exact closing time for nominations on Tuesday's post) 

The nominated blog's authors then have until the following Tuesday, 24th March to accept their nomination (if a blog nomination is not accepted, it will not be included) after which I will add the nominated (and accepted) blogs to a poll which can be voted for up until the end of the week when the winner/s will be featured.

If you wish you can nominate your own blog.

I realise this is asking a lot of work of the members with nominations etc and as the only reward I can offer is minimal (the featured blog spot)  I would appreciate any feedback on this competition. 



  1. Congrats to Ann Marie again.

    LOL, Alana, the nominations are on St. Patrick's Day. I just think that's funny.

  2. Congrats to Ann-Marie! It's really hard to beat you on this, but I think you deserve the spotlight without any question. Not only do you take your time to visit and comment on all this member's lovely blogs, but I can see that your comments are also very thoughtful. It is a pleasure to read them in the comment section. Best wishes :)

  3. What a lovely idea, Alana! But to be truth you are giving me a headache here ;). It is so hard to pick your favorite blog from all of these remarkable inspirations. Picking only one feels like a torture LOL... Do we nominate the blog by submitting it in this post comment or sending you an email? Thank you and best wishes.

  4. Ann Marie Congratulations! You definitely deserve this! Yours are always the most plentiful here and I've enjoyed the comments you've left on my blog too!

    I love visiting your blog, because though I can't buy any of the jewelry it always cheers me to see it.:)

  5. Alana,
    Do you want us to leave it in comments or will there be another way to do this? It's so hard to nominate, because I now have to go see everyone's blog to be fair!!!

  6. Alana, I'd like to vote for Shirley Tay's "Luxury Haven"!

    Her guides to series of 'How to Spot The Fakes" are such a good-read. Some shoppers like myself can't tell the real stuff from the fake. Kudos to "I've a black belt in shopping"! I think she deserves an award.

  7. Thanks for the honored spot again (and the compliments) :) I really do love visiting all of the sites that belong to our wonderful members. I apologize if I somehow missed visiting yours - please let me know that I did so I can make sure to see it.

    Because I have seen so many great sites here, it will be very tough to choose just one - and to figure out what criteria to use when selecting the one to nominate. I will be glad to have another blog in the honored spot though as I am feeling guilty for occupying it!

  8. LOL, ok I realize this competition is a tough one, and being Irish I have to admit, I forgot the 17th was Paddys day, I will make a new post today for you to add your nominations up until thursday, I will then post a list of the nominated blogs and ask for the blogs authors to accept their nomination,

    The thought behind this competition was mostly to add a little fun and interaction to the group, there is no need to go and check every blog, if one simply stood out to you for any reason, maybe you like the design or a recent post caught your attention or one that you read often.

    Ann marie- there's no need to feel guilty, you take the time to visit each blog here and comment on each blog and I for one appreciate that, part of the reason for this directory was to help people get feedback on their blog, which can be difficult at times to get and discouraging when it dosent happen, you are always willing to offer supportive feedback and I am sure others appreciate it too.

    Rosidah- sorry for the headache :)

  9. Congrats Ann Marie...well deserved. Thank YOU for the sisterhood award...

    And a special thanks to all of the fellow members who do come out and visit my blog...I do try to see all of this community grows the challenge will be to see everything you all are creating and sharing out there.

    Kindest regards to all of you wonderful and amazing women.

    For those of you who are considering You will make some incredible friends here.

    Marilyn Campiz
    Daegu South Korea