Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sisterhood award

The womens blogger directory has been nominated again for the sisterhood award!

My apologies to Lucy (scribble city central) and Pamposh(wandering pam) for the delay in posting this, I have been so busy lately at home that I really didn't get a chance to do it sooner, and my thanks to you both for nominating the womens blogger directory for this award.

And now to pass it on! again this is such a hard decision for me, running this directory and my other sites takes up a lot of time and unfortunately I am left with little spare time to read all the members blogs, though I would love to.

I have chosen the following two blogs because they are family related and as a mother I can relate aspects of both in different ways:

The Embassy wife - author Kelly Armstrong
I found from your blog that no matter where you are in the world - family is family, the up and downs, the mis-adventures in cooking and they joy of family no matter where, when or how.

Willow dreams - author Letita Bellhouse
Because in one way or another many of us have taken a similar journey and sometimes we have to face our situation and work through it and make the right decision for ourselves and our own families. I love the honesty of your story.

Thanks everyone and please remember to visit these four womens blogs,


  1. Alana, can I just say how incredibly honored I am for this nomination? Thank you!

    Now, can I shamefacedly admit that I'm so new to blogging I have no idea what it is?

    Thank you again!

    aka The Embassy Wife

  2. Kelly: Check it out here:
    I, too, learnt about it only when I got the award myself. We maybe blogging newbies, but apparently we're good enough to get the award. :) Congratulations.

  3. Thank you so much. When I saw the mention of Willow Dreams I think I held my breath. Yes it's brought tears to my eyes only because it's the beginning of knowing I'm a part of something, I have sisters who care, sisters who offer support, sisters who give that push to keep going. A very humble thank you.


  4. NOW I get it! (I can't believe how dense I can be sometimes!) Wow, I feel a little intimidated in the company of these amazing women -- Lucy, Pam, and Tia, you all have a way with words that gives me chills! Thank you, Alana, for this nomination; I'm even more honored than I thought I was!

    And thank you Pamposh for pointing me in the right direction (and having such a beautiful blog!)

  5. I enjoyed reading about the adventures of The Embassy Wife, so much so that I am following her now!! Thank you for shedding some light on her travels around the world.

  6. Kelly nominated me, btw as did, Ann Marie of Heart's Desire for the Sisterhood Award. Thanks ever so much both of you. I appreciate your kind thoughts immensely. Since I'm incredibly busy this week, I'm going to list several blogs I thoroughly love for the content and try to cross post everything later:

    Megan is Vegan and an incredibly talented writer. Her blog is about food - oh and she's very funny.

    Janet Reid, a literary agent, is a candid individual and her blog is full of excellent help for writers.

    Anon. Children's Book Editor - Very candid - maybe a little too rude for some. But, for serious writers, lots of help:

    That's a start.


    All best,


  7. Now that I am partially through the awe and excitement of the Sisterhood award news, I am in the same boat as Kelly....what do I do now? lol Help : )

  8. Congrats to all! I think this directory is a sisterhood bound for all of us. You could make a post and pass your award on like in Pamposh's given link or The Story Behind The Sisterhood Award, Tia :).

  9. Thank you Rosidah for the push in the right direction. Well, gentle nudge : ) I have some ideas.....

  10. Congratulations to Kelly and Letitia for honest and emotional blogs. Good choices and hope to read more of them.


  11. Thank you Alana for these taking the time to share these nominations. Congratulations Kelly and Letitia - you both have beautifully written blogs.

    Kelly, it is nice to know that no matter where we are in the world, we're all still people putting our pants on, one leg at a time, and we all still wonder when we get naptime.

    Letitia, your writing is hauntingly raw, and beautiful. Thank you for the window into your journey


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  13. In the spirit of the Sisterhood Award it was my choice to bring attention to Kaye Porter the author of Flourishing Today.

    Please take time to visit Kaye's blog which focuses on relationships, life skills and communication. She writes with honesty, humor, and dedication to her profession all the while sharing these skills and the knowledge.

    Kaye, it was my honor to share this with you.