Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Secrets 2 looking young


Do you want to feel younger? Would you like to turn the clockback?I would like to help you build and maintain healthy positive attitudes ineverything you do.  With tips on how to live longer and age gracefullyto slow down the aging process.


As a retired College Professor, U.S.P.T.A. Tennis Pro, Author of "Dance At A Glance”. I love being active! I love learning new ideas, technology, setting and achieving goals! As Shaklee Distributor my vision and goals have expanded beyond retirement. Quality time with family and friends is very important to me.
 I enjoy playing sports, Meeting new people and adventure travel. My passion is helping people lead healthier Lives, and improve their lifestyle to feel and look young during the aging process. I hope to share with you the Secrets to looking young and living longer! I am truly blessed!


  1. Wanted to be the first to support your blog.....

    Way to go, Diane! Beauty is women's 2nd nature..... Nice one!

  2. A nice site for ladies. It educates the women how to age gracefully. I have my full support to this blog