Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Musing


My name is Pushpa moorjani. I was born in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and spent my childhood and teens in Mumbai. After completing post graduation in Special education I worked in Anza Special School, Byculla for six years. I moved to Suriname (Parimaribo) in 1982, where I taught in International English School for 3 years then migrated to Tenerife (Canary Island) to help my brother in retail business. I moved back to Mumbai in 2002 and have been involved in Special education at Swami Brahmanand Prathisthan, Care for the Mentally Handicapped.
I have written 2 books on computers for young children and a set of 24 modules in Mathematics. My inspirational story “How my life changed its course” was published in Chicken Soup for Indian Souls in 2007. My latest book on “Joys of Sindhi Cooking” is ready for publication - it includes all the favorite dishes of my Mom and other traditional dishes and culture of Sindhi community. Hopefully I plan to get it published before the end of this year. I have won many awards of creativity during my teaching career.
I enjoy blogging, reading, writing, painting, art work, handicraft, traveling, and everything that moves…

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  1. Welcome! I checked out your blog. Are your working on publishing poetry? Nice.

  2. Hi. Great site. Impressive change of tone in your poems - sometimes tender, sometimes combative...

  3. Very impressive background. It is nice to know that you dedicate yourself to help the mentally handicapped. I agree to Pamposh, I also noticed an interesting change in your poems tone. Keep on going :)

  4. Kimberly, Pamposh, Rosidah, Thank you so much..for ur kind words

    I am so happy to be the part of this group.....

    I hope to get published (although never thought of that)most of my poems are impulsive and made on the spot (kind of my reactions to the situation)..working for Mentally challenged is what i enjoy (want to make a difference by doing my little bit)


  5. You are a sensitive soul and it shows in your writings - beautiful! I'm looking forward to your cookbook release as I love Indian food :)