Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Charm House


The Charm House is a blog that captures my day to day life. Now for me that can be spent in the studio creating works of art, in the garden digging away in the soil, turning a room upside down to create a new look, going to goodwill or the antique mall, or being with loved ones!  What ever it is, I try to capture every moment that God grants me with enthusiasm and hope that I am doing His will in my life. I believe that He gifted me The Charm House years ago and it was a thought that has been growing into a creation of itself.  I see God using it to glorify Him in a powerful way one day if He is not already doing it. But in a way where women can come together to create, communicate and just bond as friends. I know and I have seen that God can do great things through blogs! And I love being a part of this great community!


I am Yvette Adams, an Artist from Monroe, Georgia.  I enjoy looking for anything vintage to use in my art, gardening, being with my family and playing outdoors! I love  to live out loud, dress out loud, in other words I am extremely HAPPY!  I have a chronic illness and I am so thankful for every morning that God gives me to wake up next to my husband. I love life!

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  1. Yvette, your blog is filled with so much charm and beauty and you have an amazing positive spirit. It is a joy to visit :)

  2. Your blog *is full of charm. Loved the story you wrote for your grandmother! I hope you pursue publishing your writing . If you are not submitting any work - I hope you consider it. Email me if you need info about markets.

    All best!

  3. Yvette, great blog. I adore art..and artists...and I appreciate the hope you are giving others despite your illness.

    LIVE OUT LOUD!! You do.

    All the best...