Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Award for the women's blogger directory

The Women's blogger directory has been given an award! This award was given by two of our  wonderful members Andrea and Rosidah, I would like to take this oppertunity to thank them both for their kind words, support and for sharing their blogs with us.

Now comes the hard part for me, I have to nominate!, I would love to pass this award on to all the members for their remarkable support of this directory and one another, I appreciate each and every member but at present there are 95 members and I have to narrow it to a few choices.

I am giving this award to two members 

For inspiring me in many ways, for the support she has given me both personally and through her blogs and for her support of this directory and it's members and for always taking the time to listen to others.

Ann Marie (Hearts desire Jewellery)
For her support of this directory and it's members, for taking the time to visit other members blogs and for her always thoughtfull comments, not to mention for sharing her fantastic jewellery with us.

Please take the time to visit these four amazing womens' blogs and once again, thank you to all the members of this directory for sharing your stories, art, interests, personal journeys and thoughts through your blogs. 


  1. Thank you so much, Alana! I'm very flattered that you think so highly of me. It's an honor to be held in the same company as you and Pamposh Dar! Congrats to the both of you! Thank you for all that you do for this bunch of fine women :)

  2. Alana – Thank you so much for this award! It means a lot to me.

    I write to share with others what I myself have learnt in life. I hope to inspire, to set forth alternative views and approaches, and sometimes to simply share a touching experience or a fun incident.

    The downside of blogging is that it can be hard to gauge whether or not one is getting through to anyone “out there” in cyberspace. Comments, whether positive or negative, keep one anchored. And an award like this, from one’s peers, is wonderful feedback. Thank you, Alana, not just for the award, but also for your kind words.

    Congratulations, Anne Marie, your energy helps makes this directory what it is.

    And a brief message to the rest of the gang on the directory. Thanks for your comments on my various blogs – they are supportive and inspire me to write more. And those of you who write on health or travel, please do send me messages for those 2 pages in the Google group.

    Now I would like to keep the chain going and pass on the awards to two of my favourite bloggers:

    1. Alana Roberts, in particular her blogs Visit Ireland and Blogger Beginner.
    2. Vera Marie Badertscher for
    A Traveler’s Library.

    Love to all the lovely ladies here.

  3. Dear all,

    it is my pleasure to be united with so many inspirational writing women. When honoring Alana with this award for her lovely friendship and great effort on this directory, I also thought of you. Best wishes :)

  4. Congratulations to you Alana for starting The Women's Blog Directory. Meeting so many wonderful women from all over the world has been so much fun. I have put a badge on my blog and I am very proud to be part of this group.

    Marie your enthusiasm is contagious and Pomposh you always have the right thing to say. You both deserve this award.

  5. Sorry! It's too late and have to go to sleep.:) It's Ann Marie and not Marie that I meant.:)

  6. Alana and Vera - Pls also check my blog for links to yours. Cheers.

  7. lionmother and Rosidah - Thanks for your support and good wishes.

  8. Hi all: I'm delighted and surprised and grateful to Pamposh for presenting me with the Sisterhood Award.
    Since I am a researcher at heart, I traced it back to see where it came from. It was created in December 2008 by Diana of DianaRambles. She passed it on to her friend Kim who writes Journey to Isabella. Kim decided that anybody who read her blog could have it and add it to their sidebar. From there, of course it went viral--spread in all directions.
    Somewhere along the line it got rules--
    The rules of this award are:
    1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
    2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
    3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
    4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
    5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
    I could not figure out when it changed from 10 to two, but that seems much more manageable.
    One more trend you might be interested in, if you have read this far. The award started with mom blogs--crafters, mostly personal, family blogs. It seems to have taken a turn to some of us who do blogs that are more like articles than like diaries. But with something that spreads so fast, who knows what tomorrow will hold?
    If you want the original art work, you can find it at in two different sizes.

  9. Congratulations to all of you! What a fun way to give praise and support!

  10. Pamposh

    Thanks so much for giving me this award for my other blogs, I am very grateful, as you know other than this directory my own blogs are quite new and I am really only starting out with my own blogs, where I actually write all my own content! It is great to know that the information in them may be useful to others as I don't consider myself to be a writer like all the members here.

    Thanks again!

  11. Alana - Your Visit Ireland blog is very interesting and has strengthened my resolve to visit your beautiful country! And Blogger Beginner has some excellent tips for those of us still feeling our way around the marvellous world of blogging!