Sunday, February 8, 2009



It's a blog on the ArtID site that has blogs of various subjects/themes ... with photographs I've taken, artwork I've done etc.


I'm ... gently evolving as a Creative Spirituality Artist ... working on my next book (last book is out of print but is available as an ebook at ... facilitating Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul retreats, workshops and conferences (Italy in 2010!) which are opportunities for participants to re-awaken their creativity through an exploration of artistic expressions intended to help release their playful nature and enrich their spirituality in new ways regardless of formalized religious involvement. Write and ask me about the retreats and workshops - I love to bring Soulistry to new places. ;-)

At the CreativeSpirituality blog, I write about all sorts of things. Hope bloggers check it out and add a link. ; -)

Visit blog Soulistry


  1. I love the word you've created, and the concept behind it. :)
    Your workshops sound like a lot of fun.

  2. I'm sorry to read of your accident, but glad that it helped you find your creative spirit!

  3. OOOOH...I might be able to meet you in adventure in Prague and springboarding into Europe...a published author myself...and poet.

  4. I had a little trouble navigating because I wasn't familiar with the ArtID site and kept landing on other people pages. Oops ;)

    I got it figured out though and REALLY enjoyed looking through the beautiful cards and photos. I also had a great time reading the blog posts - and each one has a photo or bit artwork!

  5. Dear June, you have a great way with words. I love to read your postsand see these artworks. Best wishes :)

  6. Love your work. By the way,Erma Bombeck wrote this about worry: "I've worried a lot and frankly, I'm good at it. I worry about introducing people and going blank when I get to my mother. I worry about the shortage of ball bearings; a snake coming up the kitchen drain. I worry about the world ending at midnight and getting stuck with three hours on a twenty hour cold capsule. I worry about getting into the Guinness world Book of records under "Pregnancy": Oldest recorded birth. I worry about what the dog thinks when he sees me coming out of the shower; that one of my children will marry an Eskimo who will set me adrift on an iceberg when I can no longer feed myself. I worry about sales ladies following me into the fitting room….I worry about scientist discovering some day that lettuce has been fattening all along."