Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Adultland


A non-mommyblog. Welcome voyeurs, insomniacs, artists, and lovers of old-school storytelling.

In My Adultland, you'll find nothing on recent child-rearing studies, automobile safety, or Starbucks vs. Peets. But you'll learn a thing or two about blowing up your life mid-way through and starting over, how to find and raise the perfect Mancub, and the power of Funk. Because you cannot fight the funk. And yes, what happens in My Adultland stays in My Adultland. Now excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable…


Diane Karagienakos was born in Brooklyn now living in San Francisco (with a stint as a rebellious adolescent in Las Vegas in-between) based writer, producer, and thrill-seeker.

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  1. Hey, neighbor across the bay! Congrats on the release of your film and thanks for the heads up on the museum of broken hearts. I will definately try to make it over to see that.

  2. Thank GOD my mancub is raised and at university...high five to you girl!

  3. love your post about the museum of Broken Relationships and the pics you posted of art objects with personal stories behind them. V fascinating. i used to live across the Bay Bridge. If I still lived there, i'd want to crash your new-tradition Valentine's Day Party : ashley