Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lyn's Circle


Lyn's Circle is on the topic of women and money. We've covered widows, domestic violence, spirituality, sexual harassment, and just about any issue important to 40+ women. I usually try to stay on one topic for a while rather than jump around. Even though I manage to stir up men occasionally and have been told I'm the worst thing that happened to this country since 9-11, I'm happily married.


When I'm home, I live in the Cascade Mountains with my husband, Dave, and too many cats.

I do book reviews and welcome guest bloggers

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  1. Carolyn...Glad to see you here on the WBN. Of Carolyn's three blogs, I will have to say I DON'T have a favorite.

    Sit back and relax and read about New Zealand...or sit up an read Wednesday Women...or sit forward and read her advocate blog on women's issues, to include victim violence...

    She is a wonderful person...who just happens to be a brilliant woman!

    All the best from South Korea.