Friday, February 20, 2009

Life After Crohns

Blog is dedicated to educating you about Crohn’s by reading a first person account of how I began on the road to my diagnosis. And to assure those afflicted that there is life after Crohn's. This disease has transformed from a rare occurrence, to a national issue as the diagnoses occurrences continue to climb. It is my hope that this blog will help you find the medical attention you need and comfort you in the knowledge of recognizing that you are not crazy, that this a real disease and that unless treated, it will kill you.


I live in the United States with my husband and our furbabies. Bella is a ferocious 5 year old feline, and Jack; the sweetest and goofiest dog you'll ever meet. My passion is cooking and baking. My mission is to get the word out about Crohn's Disease and to assist patients and their families who are dealing with this little know ailment.


  1. A very, very informative and interesting blog!

  2. I will have to share with my friend who has Crohns. Thanks for blogging.

  3. Dear Brandee,

    my tears fell down my cheek reading about your incredible struggle against the Crohn disease. Sixteen years of wrong diagnosis is a very long time. I'm glad to know that you are blessed with the support of your beloved husband, Nick, by your side. He really is an angel :). All the best to you and your family. I hope that you will get better in the future, even though they say it will eventually come back. You are definitely a courageous, brave woman who will get through this! Thank you for sharing your experience, it might help a lot of people dealing with Crohn.

  4. Very informative blog. I wish you all the best with the latest research - which will likely ensue after this new legislation.