Monday, February 2, 2009

Jerk be gone


This blog tells ladies what I've learned from others and my hardships with relationships.


 I am divorced 38 years old woman who has gone through some extreme relationships. I have spent a couple of years soul searching for meaning in my life. The stuff I write about on my blog is exactly the kind of information that has helped me discover my core values, which has in turned helped me build healthy boundaries and emotional stability. I'd like to share my epiphanies with other ladies to help them find their way.

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  1. Alana...

    Yes learn...and then realize when you love don't allow the jerks in...

    The quest should never be about having someone...for people aren't things...

    Having walked a bit in those women is easy to blame and braver to own your choices.

    I hope this blog really is a great source of self discovery.

  2. Your blog sounds very cathartic (sp?) Cheaper and more fun than therapy, huh? ;)