Thursday, February 26, 2009



Great images, snapshots of life in writing, living, family, travel, home decor, resale shopping, faith, marriage, relationship and politics (from time to time)...this is what you'll find on my blog. Not too much text, because we're busy women, right! My photos tell a big part of the story and my blog merely punctuates them. 


I'm a freelance writer and photographer; picture book, essay and article writer. And I'm a Feature Writer for I hold a B.A. in English form the Ohio State University. Welcome!

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  1. Hey, great shot of the guy plunging into the water.
    There are a few "travel writers" here -- I put that in quotes because some, like me, write mostly travel vignettes along with posts on many other subjects.
    Since I enjoy reading and writing travel stories myself, I'm planning to start a travel page on the Google group. Please join. (I'll do it this weekend, unless one of you wants to jump in and start it now..)

  2. Quite amazing what people do to theirselves. I love your short stories, Kimberley. Like you said, we are busy women... Well, at least I'm a pretender ;). Best wishes!

  3. Recently I did an author interview with Margot Finke on my blog and gave away a signed copy of her book, Rattlesnake Jam". I liked the response from the contest and will be doing other contests on a regular basis. They won't be book giveaways - but, I'll be doing something.

  4. I forgot to mention the blog where I'll be doing the contests: