Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drey's Library


Drey's library was born out of all the book-related posts on drey's house (where they were threatening to drown out my rants). I post reviews, musings, and giveaways - both mine and others'. It's fairly new, and I'm hoping that my commenters help expand my reading selection. I also hope to start doing some author interviews, and guest posts.


I am a married mother of one who works full time. I love to read (always have), which could explain the proliferation of posts on drey's library. I started blogging to let off some steam about the state of the economy last summer, and just kept on going. I don't just rant, though - I imagine that would be a little tiring to read all the time.

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  1. Hi: You reminded me that I need to look at Book Bloggers. I could read more books if I were not blogging about them at A Traveler's Library.


  2. I don't have much time to read, so its nice to have a palce to go for suggestions on what to read in the little time that I do have. Thanks!

  3. Vera - I'll have to check you out! & yeah, I'd definitely have more time to read if I weren't blogging so much. The Book Giveaway Carnival totally cramped my reading time, but it was oh so much fun... =)

    Ann Marie - I wish I had time to do everything I like to do. As it is, my reading's slowing down, partly due to blogging, partly due to life... Why can't we just have enough time to do everything we want to? =P