Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Precious Things


Welcome to “5preciousthings”, a place of creativity, love, life, happiness & hope. 


Life is so hectic  “i’m too busy, in a minute, tomorrow”   are our mantras.  It was mine too, then i made myself a promise, i would set aside some “me” time,  discover 5 things that had moved me,  made me smile, lifted my spirit  during my day. some were easy to find, others i have to look for.  But oh so slowly,  i learnt to open my mind, my heart, i began to notice the little things again.  Things precious memories are made from.   My eyes learnt to see again, my ears to hear, my senses were sharpened, i learnt to slow down. “Precious things” we are surrounded by them, we just have to remember to look.


 I am ruthie, artist, illustrator & photographer living in the beautiful south west of Scotland.  Here in this wee nook of the woods are little bits & pieces, some bits for inspiration, some pieces to prompt your memory, some to make you laugh, some to get your brain a ticking. here you can also have a peep at my illustration, my photographs & my words. It’s also a bit of story really, of my re-discovery and hopeful journey back to my arty self. . . and hopeful inspiration to others.


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  1. Hey, fun blog. I like your poem about "imperfectionism," if I can call it that.
    I'm not poetic -- well, except for the occasional nonsense verse -- but I have a story with a similar idea on my one of my blogs. Don't know if this space allows links, but I'm going to try:
    If you can access it, see what you make of it. :)
    Incidentally, tried to leave this comment on your blog, but couldn't. Will try again later. Cheers.

  2. Hi Pamposh, thank you, the comment did come up on my blog in the end. thanks

  3. Your illustrations are gorgeous! I love yor writings as well :)

  4. thank you for all your comments!

  5. Hi Ruthie, I love your work and the concept of your blog as well.