Saturday, January 31, 2009

Style on a shoestring


What is Style On A Shoestring? It is being fashionable without being a slave to trends all while following a budget! My blog tries to help with lots of tips an tricks that any woman can follow.


I am a costume and jewelry designer who just happens to be addicted to shoes and shopping. Did I mention I like shoes? No really. I LOVE shoes.
I live in Southern California and raised three girls and a nephew and niece. Along with quite a few cats and some dogs thrown in. Did I say I have a thing for shoes? I am sure I mentioned that already. I made costumes until a shoulder injury temporarily sidelined me, but I still make jewelry and I attend SCA events andrenaissance faires throughout the South West. And I really,really love shoes.


  1. AHH! This is PERFECTION! I not only love to shop cheap for clothes but I love shopping locally! Not to mention antique stores are quite possibly THE BEST to shop in! I found an AMAZING coat for $8 and all it needed was new buttons and the arms to be readjusted (luckily my mom is a sewing GENIUS!). Love this blog and now I'm following it!