Saturday, March 28, 2009

Heart's Desire Jewellery


Award winning jewelry designer, Ann Marie Hodrick writes about the creative process behind her handcrafted jewelry designs, info on birthstones, gemstone lore and facts and current trends in fashion.  The blog is incorporated into her  I would love it if you would have a look and leave a comment.


I've been a creative creature since birth and discovered my passion for channeling my creativity into jewelry design about five years ago.  Since then I have been translating inspirations from my world (I live across the bay from San Francisco in Oakland) and my love of fashion and its current trends into my jewelry designs.  I have just launched a new website to sell my designs and started up as a newbie blogger to add more info to the site.  I am married to a wonderful man and the mother of two teen boys (all of who just don't understand my obsession with jewelry) and work as a video editor for a major US news organization.  That's enough to keep me busy most days :)


  1. What an elegant, professional site. The information you provide and explanation along with suggestions are fantastic. Your prices are very reasonable, I will be back to delve further into the treasures you have. I especially like the look of the Rose Gold Vermeil Heart Necklace. Now here's a place to create the wish list from!

  2. Thanks, Tia! I always love to hear which piece each person likes :)

  3. Dear Ann,

    thank you for your encouragement. I think that you are even more talented in jewelry designs. Your creations are so adoring and unique. I have been trying to follow your blog since morning, but there seems to be a certain error with the feed. I'll keep on trying...

    Best Wishes :)!

  4. I don't remember reading in your bio that you are a video editor. That's great! You're multi-talented.