Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Are You Doing Today?

How are you doing? That is a question that usually answered with, "I am fine, thank you." I have not posted for some time because I wanted to see what kind of direction we, as contributors would be going with this blog. There are a lot of wonderful writers that have pledged to contribute on a monthly basis. I have fallen short. We all have our own blogs and writing ventures that we have signed on to do. In a way, it is like watching what this community once was, kind of roll into a death spiral.

We didn't mean for it to happen, but right now, we are in the ICU of the blogosphere. Many of the blogs I have followed have trickled off to the aimless post to see if there is a heartbeat of a response, a comment, a twitter, or the best case scenario of being reposted somewhere.

It takes faith to realize that you created your blog with a vision (I hope so anyway). It didn't have to be pretty, but it had to be element of you that you were presenting to the world. It takes guts to fall on your face and more guts to get up.

So, I am asking, all of us...a real question...What do we want to see TWCB turn into? We all need to commit to this blog to not just trumpet our latest project, but the dialogue going into what our writing means to us. Let's talk about our struggles, be supportive, and yes...wear our hearts on our sleeves.

This is a blog that drew me into finding some of the most fascinating wonderful women writers from around the world. I know you are out there....still.

All the best from Daegu, South Korea.


  1. I do enjoy hTe Women's Community Blog and appreciate your effort. I particularly like the posts about other women's lives. I have two women's blogs-- about and for women. One post I picked up from Christina's blog, Specifically Speaking. She is one who writes it real.
    Maybe we all need a shaking up and reminder to contribute.

    Carolyn Harris
    AKA: Lyn Harris and Molly Brown

  2. Thanks for your post Marilyn

    As the original creator of this blog, i feel i should be the first to respond although I could never claim to be much of a writer, far preferring the technical side of blogging.

    You are of course right and it is also true that most blogs never see their first birthdays, the vision i had for this blog changed and while it was once a thriving community where most posts were met with many responses, i was never a leader and preoccupied with daily matters offline i found my commitment waivered.

    Sometimes life takes over and since starting this blog my life has changed considerably. I would love to see this blog become more of a community again and have always enjoyed meeting our members, such a variety of talented women, it never ceased to amaze me.

    I have thought many times of developing the blog further, creating a larger site on an official domain complete with a forum where we could chat and get to know one another, maybe its not too late...

    My best wishes to all of you, knowing you all however briefly was always a joy and wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing i hope that you and your families are keeping well!

    All the best - Alana

  3. I wrote this post as a reenergize it...and Alana...You don't bear the burden alone..
    All of us...who committed to writing on this blog must make it come alive again.

    What a joy to read Carolyn's post!

    To all of us...let's make this a blog, not just to promote our blogs, but really to share our lives, our journies...about the communities we live, travel, and experiences to share along the way.

  4. Hi, happy holiday everybody. Hope next year we can do better then this year