Monday, April 6, 2009

Always look on the Bali side of life


Living life in Bali, Indonesia...the many adventures and beautiful experiences...from the sandy beaches and blue seas to the gastronomical delights found everywhere from the side of the road to the finest eateries...add in a lot of culture, beautiful people, inspiring music, dance and art and you really have one fabulous journey...


 Irish by birth, filled with wanderlust by nature - an adventurer, dreamer, creator and lover. life is too short to sit in your armchair and watch it all go by, we are all of us responsible for being the captains of our own ships and facing the darkest storms and the calmest seas with a sense of purpose and integrity.


  1. Welcome to the WBD! It's so nice to meet inspiring women all over the world, especially when we live in the same country. Your blog captures Bali very well :).

  2. Fabulous site!
    I can't believe I found it NOW, just as I'm planning a trip to Bali after several years.
    Will study your blog, but would also be grateful for any other hints/sites to help me find accommodation on the beach and in Ubud for elderly parents who can't do steps!
    Was thinking of a small villa in Ubud and a hotel on the beach, but open to all suggestions.
    If you have any thoughts, please do email me:

  3. I hope you will have a great time in Bali, Pamposh. After reading Sinead's blog, I think she is the right source for you :).

  4. By reading your blog everyone will like to visit Bali. Your blog is a right source to know about Bali.

  5. Bali is wonderful island and known as the island of God. I guarantee you, that you will have a lot of fun with your holiday in Bali