Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rebeka Khan Artwear


Bespoke Irish Artwear, each hand-crafted creation a unique fusion of ceramic, glass, and inspiration.  Creating beautiful Neckpieces, Bracelets & Earrings.

Every work of art has a story and this one is no different...

From her home studio in the foothills of the Wicklow mountains, (Ireland), ceramicist Rebeka Kahn creates bewitching neckpieces, earrings and bracelets, each one incorporating uniquely sculpted ceramic and glass elements inspired by her surroundings.

Each piece of Rebeka Kahn jewellery is just as unique as the person who ends up wearing it. Every ceramic element in every creation is singularly hand-crafted, glazed & fired in Rebeka's home studio.

Every piece receives the individual attention from the artist that the wearer deserves. We add glazes and glass to each ceramic element, and double-fire them in our own kilns, or outdoors in dramatic, large naked flames! "Raku".
By hand forming each piece and carefully selecting the right glaze (sometimes altered by us by adding ingredients to change a colour or texture) and glass, this allows us to control every aspect of the design, from inspiration right through to the final polish. Of course, some things you can't control. Like the natural elements that inspire the designs, glass and ceramics often have a mind of their own, and natural reactions in the firing process often create effects we hadn't dreamed of, and inspire new designs in turn. It all conspires to make every piece an individual work of art!

Join my blog Rebeka Khan Artwear news where I talk about all things! Where the business is going, how I come to make some of my pieces, the day to day experiences of working with clay and the firing techniques. How some results I get are exciting and inspirational and how others are not so much so!

Personalised bespoke pieces or collection of pieces can be made to order to suit your own specific requirements.


  1. Rebeka,
    Just stopped by your blog and congratulations on being in Life Magazine! That's great. I loved your jewelry and will be following your blog. Here's mine:



  2. Hi,
    Welcome to WBD! Love your jewerly!
    I think it is wonderful that you were featured in Life Magazine!


  3. An excellent blog for jwellery lovers and those who are interested in Art pieces.

  4. Wonderful display of exquisite jeweller pieces.

  5. Hi! thank you so much for all of your really lovely comments! Hope you continue to enjoy my blog! I'm still learning and trying to dedicate time in our busy days to post regularly!
    Thanks again
    Rebeka Kahn