Sunday, March 15, 2009

Martha and Me


Do you love Martha Stewart? Do you hate her? I'm giving my life a Martha Stewart makeover by cooking her recipes, attempting her crafts, following her suggestions and thinking about how to live life by her tenets. Sometimes I'm unsuccessful, but I always learn something. No matter how you feel about her, I think you'll find my adventures interesting, sometimes funny, and always informative.


I used to be a lawyer. I recovered from that and have a wonderful life here in Clarence, NY as a wife, mom, dog owner, and author. I felt like I was missing something though and that led me to take on my Martha quest.

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  1. This is a great idea for a blog. I used to be addicted to Martha before her downfall - I actually like her show better before - but now that I am not following her as closely, it is fun reading your interpretations of her teachings and your experiences with her recipes. Big Congrats on the book, btw!

  2. What a clever blog! I could never be so dedicated a cook and baker to blog about it. Kudos to you!

  3. Rolled omelette is a meal by itself.Easy to make and looks delicious too