Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's on my mind - Momma Moose


My name is Christine Grossmith, a forty something mom and wife living life in San Diego, Ca.  My blog started as an idea shared with a friend and my first blog was an incredible moving experience.  I write about daily life trials and tribulations –whatever comes to mind, heart or soul.  It can be fun, sad, angry or just silly. 

What’s on my Mind – Momma Moose

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  1. You are a strong woman with a lot on your plate. I'm sure your experiences will help others deal with similar problems :)

  2. Ah...40-something is a wonderful age...I love being 40-something...


  3. We have a lot in common! Babies (though most of mine are now grown) - walking or treadmill - and man I'm so into coffee!