Thursday, February 3, 2011

Women Bloggers - How to Make Money Writing

Hello Women Bloggers!  Its been a very long time and I hope you are all doing well and are still blogging! I know that a lot of you out there are dedicated bloggers with a talent for writing and I wanted to share with any of you who don't already know, how to make a little (or a lot) of money from your writing skills.  I would like to start a women's blogger writing club of sorts if anyone is interested in joining me.
As I said its been a long time since I have updated this blog and life has been really busy with my family and working but as many of you who know me, my aim was and still is to replace my income from working outside the home by writing online, so that I can stay at home with my children full time while they are still young enough to want me around! and I have found a way to do this with Hubpages, Hubpages is free to join and is simply a writers area where you can publish articles on your favorite topics, if you have an adsense account or an amazon associate account you can earn money from your articles but you own your content, hubpages simply gives you a place to publish it.

Anyway I am sure most of you are familiar with how this type of site works, it does not cost money to join or to be a member or anything else and you can make money from your articles, the more you write the more you earn as your traffic grows. Hubpages is a great community for writers and its a great platform to write on.

So here is what I am going to do, Each week I am going to post a new topic here on the womens community blog (suggestions are welcome) and if anyone wants to join up with me in this writing club simply sign up to Hubpages if you are not already a member, if you are great! and make an account. Each week I will publish one hub based on the topic chosen for that week and anyone who wants to join me can do likewise, when we publish our hubs we can come back here and add a link to our new hub in the comment section so that others can visit our hub and we can see what everyone else is writing about too!

To sign up and join the womens community blog writing club simply click the link for Hubpages here and leave your new hub profile name in the comment section so that I can follow you on hubpages!


This Weeks Topic is Dessert Recipes, an easy one to start off with. Every Thursday I will add a new topic to write about and I hope to see you on hubpages!!


  1. Thank you for sharing Alana - I was not aware of hubpages! It's not something I've got time for right now, but I'm surely going to investigate and keep it on the backburner for now. Val

  2. Thanks Valerie, Hubpages is definately something you should consider when you have time, of all the free publishing sites I have tried hubpages is the only one that has earned me any money and it takes a while to start earning, I now earn more every month than I did the month before.
    Its rewarding to see a return on the work you put into writing and even better to see it increasing all the time!

  3. This is my first hub in the topic "dessert recipes" Im cheating a little bit because I wrote this one 5 days ago its a simple Cheesecake recipe hub
    easy cheesecake recipe

  4. Hi, I am delighted to be joining this community. I am already a member of Hubpages where I have been writing for over a year. This weeks topic on recipes is not my forte but I hope to contribute to topics in the comming weeks. My recent articles can be found at:

  5. Thanks penny, i will see you on hubpages, if you get a minute please leave a link to your profile here so that others can find you too!

  6. Also, along that line, there's also Textbroker. You can definitely pick up extra change writing for them. Though it takes a little time to get your rating up, it eventually can pay better than many other writing sites. Also, they pay you for everything you write. Just an FYI. Hope everyone is doing well and continues to write. I'm very busy -thus I have little time for blogging, but I'm refocusing and hope to post at least a couple times a month on my other blogs.

  7. Hi Kimberly, I hope you are keeping well? I have heard about textbrokers before but have no experience with them as they only accept writers who are resident in the US. Hubpages has been great for me personally, Im only writing there about 9 months but I got two payments (adsense and amazon affiliate) in January for nearly 300 euro combined. Its not enough to give up my day job just yet but its a great boost to see a return on my writing.

    Thanks for your comment!!