Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make Money With WebAnswers

Hello womens bloggers, Two things this week to help you make money from the time you spend writing online. Another topic for our hub club and an opportunity to earn a little more money online.
Yesterday I found a new site called Web Answers.  It works like yahoo answers but the main difference is that you get paid to contribute to the site.
I was a bit skeptical at first as you have to answer ten questions before you can add your adsense account to start earning but it was really easy to do and there are hundreds of different questions you can answer on many different topics, it takes only a few minutes to answer a question and yesterday I answered my first ten and then another 7 or 8 as well as asking three questions, it took very little time and I was quite surprised when I logged into my adsense account and found that I had already made some money!  After being a member for less than a day I had made money, I was impressed and will continue to answer questions and see how this works out.  I will let you all know how I get on with it in a few weeks and see if it is a worthwhile use of my time.
If you are interested in joining youself here is the link to sign up web answers

This weeks topic for our writing challenge on Hubpages is Top Tens, simply write a top ten hub on anything you like and add your hub link in a comment here so we can check out your new hub. For instance if you like to read why not share your top ten mystery books or if your a film fan your top ten comedy movies etc.  If you are not yet a member of hubpages you can sign up Here, when you have signed up or written your top ten hub simply come back here and leave a link in the comment section of this post to your new hub or if you have just started to your hubpages profile so we can follow you over there!


  1. It sounds terrific, but I bet it's wildly addicting. I'd be spending all my time trying to earn enough money for new boots!
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