Monday, August 24, 2009

NEW Forum for Women Bloggers

Hi everyone

I thought we might like a forum! A place where we can all chat, share ideas and get to know one another

So here it is The Community for Women Bloggers

This forum is open to all women bloggers, not just members of this blog, so please tell your blog readers to visit and signup too!

This is a brand new forum I have set up, please feel free to suggest new topics to be added, all suggestions are welcome



  1. What a wonderful's always good to have a place where everyone can chat and share ideas!

  2. Sounds great! Another great initiative.

  3. Alana--great idea! It will help me get to know everyone! It reminds me of my college discussion boards where we actually had the opportunity to have real dialogue with each other. I can't wait to check it out! Christina

  4. Thanks everyone!

    It will take a bit to get it all up and running, if you have and catagories you want added just let me know

    Forums are a great way to get to know people, it will take a while to build up members but Im hoping we get a few!

    Ill be working on getting the word out and if any of you get a chance please tell your friends to drop in too!

    Chat to you all in the forum!

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  6. Wonderful, thanks!

    -Yeh Hai Life (run and written by females)