Friday, April 17, 2009

Members' Notice - Blogger's Choice Awards 2009

Hi all you bloggers. Do check out the Blogger's Choice Awards for 2009 – enter your own blogs and vote for others you like.

Go here to join or log in.

The easiest way I’ve found to vote for a blog you like is to go directly to the blog and click on the Blogger's Choice Awards widget there. You can see an example on any of my own blogs (and yes, while there, do vote for me!!).

Once you’ve entered your blog(s), add a comment here to that effect to let all the members know so that they can vote for you. Alana and I have both entered already.

Incidentally, I found these awards through BlogCatalog. I don't think you have to be a member of BlogCatalog to nominate and vote for these awards, but it's a good idea to join BC anyway. It's a good way to network with other bloggers and to get a little more exposure for your own.

Happy blogging and best of luck with the awards!


  1. I've got a widget to vote on the bottom of my blog if anyone wants to check it out at off to check out yours! :) good idea!

  2. Thanks pamposh!

    I'll be voting for everyone who comments here, and don't forget the directory is there to vote for too!

    I haven't had a chance to put the widget on yet, pamposh if you get a chance to do it?

    Looking forward to voting

  3. girlchief, thanks for your response. I've voted for your blog - and what a scrumptious blog it is!
    All - Pls vote for this directory too. The widget is now up top left of the directory.
    Keep writing in with your entries so we can all support one another, as we always do. :)

  4. Hi Alana & Pamposh, voted for both of you! Thks for d info & I've added the widget to my blog too.

    Funny thing was when I registered there, I found someone has nominated for me under Shopping & Food. I couldn't select the category at all :<

    Anyway, your votes are highly appreciated :) Thks again!

    Oh, Pamposh, congrats!

  5. Hi all. You can now vote for this directory by clicking on the widget on the top left. You will need to log in first, so voting is just a tad cumbersome - but worth the effort to show our support for our very own directory.

    Please also vote for all the individual members whose blogs are up for the award.

    Girlchief and Blackswan, I've voted for you!

  6. I've entered mine - where did you get the widget? I looked a little bit on the BCA site - should I just "borrow" the image from here? :)

  7. You can get the code for the widget at the BCA website. The last line under each nominated blog says "Brag Badge: Get Code." Just click on "Get Code."

    Good luck. I'll vote for your blog tomorrow (it's past midnight in Manila and I gotta get some shut-eye!)

    April 22, 2009 5:07 PM

  8. Thanks for keeping us informed about these things, Alana and Pamposh! It's difficult to keep up with everything sometimes. Nice to know you got our back. :)

    All best,


  9. drea_dear - couldn't find a widget on your blog. pls post the bca link here (the link to your own entry, that is) and i'll be happy to vote for your very cool blog. bests. pamposh

  10. OK drea_dear - I've voted for you.
    The rest of you - c'mon enter your own blogs and vote for all of your friends here!

  11. I just found out and going to vote now!! You have really worked for this Alana. You deserve it.