Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Important members announcement!

I would like to introduce the newest author to the womens blogger directory!....

Pamposh Dhar has kindly agreed to come on board as co author and administrator of The Womens Blogger Directory!

I know many of you already know Pamposh and I hope you will all welcome her here, I am sure she will be a fantastic addition to the directory

For those of you who do not yet know her you can check out her blogs below


  1. congratulations Pamposh, thats fab

  2. Congrats Pamposh :)! Knowing her warm personality, I truly believe in your choice Alana. Have a great week, everyone.

  3. Pamposh, how you do it is beyond me! What a trooper! Thanks for climbing on board and helping with the directory!

    All best,


  4. Thank you all for that warm welcome! Kimberly, that's probably how I do it. We Leos (well, I'm half Leo) thrive on warmth and friendship, don't you know. Ha ha.

    Seriously though. I don't want to sound like a politician, but I will only do it with everyone's support and loads of guidance from Alana who remains the author-in-chief, of course.

    I'm so glad to be part of this warm and supportive group. (Rosidah, that goes double for you!)

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  6. Terrific news for both the energizer bunny, Pamposh and Alana, the creator. Looking forward to what this awesome twosome can create!


  7. Dear Alana & Pamposh,

    I'm still receiving these spam mails in my inbox "Womens blogger group █▓₪۩₪▓█ Katrina kaif nude hot masala pics & Videos". Wonder if u can report them?

    Tried to notify you via feedback but it didn't work.

    Thanks for keeping the site up & appreciate the efforts.

  8. Hi Blackswan

    We too are receiving the emails, and anyone who is subscribed to the group by email will receive them, at the moment we have been deleting all spam messages and banning the poster but it seems ineffective as new spammers sign up again under new names.

    The only choice would be to either make the group closed to anyone who isnt a member or for members to unsubscribe from email alerts.

    Pamposh and I are working on it and hopefully it should be resolved soon.

    Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused any members

  9. I didn't notice about these spams before, because gmail automatically removed them to the spam section. I hope the problem will be solved soon. Have a great week, everyone :)

  10. Dont worry about it, Alana, I'm not complaining :) I'll be patient. U guys r doing a great job! Thks!

  11. Alana,
    This was a great idea! Pam is such a great addition to the administrative end and now I know why she contacted me instead of you to let me know about my nomination.:)

    I understand about spam, because I am a co-moderator of a message board and we get it all the time. It's hard to keep it out, but you are doing a great job. Isn't this a Google group anyway? Or is Networked Blogs part of Facebook and not Google?

  12. Pomposh,
    I was so excited that I forgot to welcome you and congratulate you on this position. I know you will add that Leo flair to our group. I am a full Leo and know what that means.


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