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Another Twilight blog? well yes, I like Twilight, the books in the series in particular, but the film too.  This is my blog about Twilight, just for fun. If you haven't read Twilight yet then do! 


Another blog from Alana, well this one is for fun, about a series of books that I really doubted I would like, being a fan of Tolkien and others like Lisa Gardner and Harlen Coben when I first heard of Twilight I thought "oh a teen book" but it is surprisingly good, in fact I read all four books in the series in a week, but then I love to read!

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  1. Alana, what did you make of Steven Kings comments re. the author? Just curious.

  2. Hi,

    I haven't seen his comments, I will look it up or if you have a link to them, let me know here


  3. LOL, just looked it up. I guess in my opinion I'd disagree with him, personally I have never been a fan of his, I grew up reading Tolkien, but I have read most of his books and it's very rare where I have thought a film adaptation of a book was better that the book it's self, which I did think of the shawshank redemption.

    Anyway that aside, he praises Rowling but thinks Mayers can't write, I never got the harry potter thing, read the first three books but it just didn't hold my interest. The twilight saga however really did, I will say though that it is not particularly suited to the age group it was written for, which I guess is why it has gained such a large readership with other age groups.

    I think a good writer captures their readers, Mayers sells a fantasy, a romance that almost any woman can relate to so I would consider that good writing.

  4. I'm not a big S King fan - but I'm not a horror reader anyway. It just caught my attention that he made negative comments about Meyer and I wondered what others thought abut it.

    Anyone who can write well enough to capture a following as big as Twilight's must be doing something right! :)

  5. Wow, Alana! I really don't know how you can maintain all of your blogs. That's so fascinating! I like both Harry Potter and Twilight series. But then again I love a lot of books. Your blog header is beautiful ... and if you stumble upon an e-book version of Midnight Sun, I would love to know :). Best wishes.

  6. hi

    You can read the first twelve chapters of midnight sun on Stephenie Meyers official website

    Even though it is only a draft it's very good, actually I couldn't decide which I preferred, twilight or midnight sun!

    Glad you like the header, it took ages to get it done because I couldn't use an official twilight image because they are copyrighted so I had to find a royalty free image of twilight for it.

  7. Yes, Twilight is a great book and the movies are also interesting to watch. Thank you for sharing the post.