Friday, February 6, 2009

Family food and recipes

The aim of this blog is to provide useful recipes that are affordable, easy and that include everyday ingredients. Who wants to shop at five different stores just to get the ingredients for one meal? and who can afford to?


I am an Irish mother of three who has worked in the food service industry for 10 years. As a mother I know that planning your family's meals is not always easy   


  1. I've been cooking for many decades, yet still learned some new things in your posts. As a working Mom...I love recipes that my family will eat (some picky eaters here) and that I can whip up after a day of work. Thanks! Keep up the good work :)

  2. The plain scone recipe looks easy enough for me, but where is the Irish Soda bread!? lol All kidding aside your recipes looks scrumptious.

  3. Looks delicious! Can't wait to try out the tomato soup recipe.

  4. Always looking for new recipes that include ingredients I can actually find in my store. Thanks!

  5. The challenge for me cooking here in South doing so without an oven!